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From: Ashraf Hamdan, Professional Day Trader
Date: Saturday, April 24, 2010
Memo: What recession?

Dear Future and Successful Day Trader,

When it comes to marketing on the Internet, I really don't know a thing.

That's just not my forté, but when it comes to trading over the Internet and easily bringing in massive profits overnight like clockwork, I'm a true professional.

But this isn't about me!

This is about you wanting to unlock the digits of the day trading code and understand how the "Top Gun" traders can stay in business, month after month, when others are crumbling before their feet during this "economic crisis".

I've been trading online for nearly a DECADE now and I've got to tell you...

It's Nothing Complicated


In just a moment, you'll be able to get your hands on some of my closely kept secrets to Charts Psychology on video where you will learn how to read charts and literally pull money out of thin air.

It's all there and clear as day.

You can think of day trading as being an optical illusion, if you will, where you have to look at it long and hard to really see what's there. Not everyone can do it, but I can show you how 100% of the time, regardless of your experience.

And it's not that complicated!

It's clearly obviously Albert Einstein, right?

Now step away from the computer about 10 feet.

SERIOUSLY, step away from the screen at a distance of about 7-10 feet and see if it really is Albert.

10 feet away and it's Marilyn Monroe!

Isn't that cool?

Now, learning my day trading secrets doesn't require you to get up and walk away from the screen. You don't have to listen to any complicated and confusing concepts.

You'll learn how to truly become a professional day trader from the comfort of your own chair and you'll know how to read chart signals that most traders overlook completely.

I Don't Care If You're A Trading Expert or Not,
You're GOING To Learn Something Valuable

Whether you're just starting your trading venture or you're a seasoned pro, you're about to learn my step-by-step techniques and concepts that I personally use to bring in a return of over 5,000%.

Thanks to my amazing video courses, some of my students are now the stock market's biggest winners. They know how to scan, enter and exit their trades with confidence.

You really can do it, too!

If you have any doubts about how easy it is to recession-proof yourself through day-trading, then this video is an absolute must:


ASH, I CANT BELIEVE HOW EASY YOU MADE DAY TRADING! You don't have to reinvent the wheels, I was little skeptic at first as with other sites but all i can say WOW!!! I am impressed with this easy to follow step by step video course, i feel Very special and A PRO! Thank you so much.

H. T., Illinois USA

Ash, i never thought that this can be done, BUT I AM DONE!
Within 90 minutes or less, it’s done, and it’s profitable. The success rate is like 90% so you’re making money and having fun, thank you so much.

"KNOWING WHAT TO DO" is the essence of this course. I’d recommend it to anybody who seriously want to trade for living.Give it a try. Ash got a super code system ,and it really works.

Best regards,
M. S., Brazil

Don't Gamble With Your Money

Look, if you like to gamble, please enjoy yourself in Las Vegas or a nearby casino.

But if you want to have the "house-advantage" and win money more than 97% of the time simply by knowing when to go in and when to get out, then this video course will get you there in no time flat.

For the first time ever, I'm going to reveal exactly how I pick and choose my trades with dead accuracy. I mean, it's so lethal, I may as well be holding a gun to someone and take their money.

I'll give away all of my exclusive *hush-hush* strategies on my secretly kept video course. You'll learn how and what to trade in a shockingly simple way so you can hack the digits of day trading code.

These sizzling tactics will leave you breathless as you see specific strategies revealed here for you with specific filters of charts uniquely formatted step by step unlocking stunning trades the very next day!

No One On Wall Street Cares
If You Make Money, I Do!

This course is Amazing! Ash made things very easy to learn and simple to understand.

"ANYONE CAN DO IT!" You can gain special skills and KEEP IT if you want to succeed.

You will start to seeing results INSTANTLY anywhere in the world using the internet. We learned how to unlock the digits of the day trading code. We still can't believe it :)

Doug Kiddies and John Shrieder
Missionaries to South America

I LEARNED DAYTRADING IN 1 WEEK ! You've put together a very SHARP SOLID VIDEO COURSE. Your COURSE surpasses all of the other that are online and it's SIMPLY easy..

You provide a host of real-life, details and live examples in your step-by-step learning video. If anyone wants to gain the financial freedom from anywhere, this course by far is the best!

Naseem Amoor
Fahaheel, KUWAIT


Day Trading Has 3 Types of Traders

Trend Traders

Day Trading FlopTrend traders attempt to capture gains through the analysis of an asset's momentum in a particular direction.

Stop losing money! I solved the myths that appear in most of the trading information out there by giving you easy-to-master patterns and combinations of "signals" that have the potential to improve your trading accuracy by 97%.

Counter-Trend (CT) Traders

Day Trading SuccessCounter-Trend Trading takes a lot more experience, because you have to take a position contrary to the current market direction in anticipation of a change in that direction.

I'll teach you elite, yet easy strategies, to fine-tune your trading skills on how to enter and exit all of your stock trades more successfully.

Range Traders

Day Trading ChartRange trading is prdominantly in the forex market, where the high liquidity, as a result of its trading volume, in the market helps range traders to better execute trades.

"Peek behind my shoulders" and finally learn some of the most advanced, yet easy-to-apply, trading strategies ever uncovered for day traders. You'll never look at day trading the same again.

Enter and Exit A Trade For Profit In Minutes

This is WAY Better than going to those expensive seminars... I feel Very advantageous... it's pin-point, and EASY to master trading strategies...This has been worth thousands, if not priceless. Ash's trading videos are TRUELY AUTHENTIC.

Best bang for my buck!
Jeff Lupez Jake
Special Proprietary Trader, Miami

I don't feel paralyzed in daytrading anymore. Ash gave me real depth and confidence on how to find stocks - with a high probability of success.

T hank you for this kind of help in giving us these SPECIAL TACTICS and HOT TIPS to learn from. I can already say that I wont miss my old job soon - I am able to replace that income in 1 or 2 trades a week!

Mark J David
Director of Sales & Marketing ,CA

Get The Ultimate "Unfair Advantage"

Learn the ropes on how day trading mechanics really work through easy-to-understand and master stocks/ETFs charts trading course. It can be used on all charts of different markets time frame NOT just the stock market.

My video course exposes hidden "buy and sell" trading signals you can use by seeing actual charts of the markets!

You've never seen these methods before, because I wanted to show you stunning strategies illustrated with actual markets. It reveals how to ENTER/EXIT the best patterns, applied to real-time stocks/ETFs charts when they happen!

Everything is explained step-by-step, so you'll learn exactly how to immediately trade in live markets!

Learn How To Make Money Faster

Shorten your learning curve by seeing what a master trader does on a daily basis.

Forget buying the “black box” systems. Forget subscribing to “secret signal” services.

You don’t have to anymore.

Once all the secrets are laid out for you to see and master, then your day trading history will never be the same again.

It will accelerate your trading skills faster than ever before, while handing you all the "shortcut handouts" you need to trade effectively.

You will have complete confidence in yourself. You will be thrilled at the approach and be ecstatic once it all comes together.

Join The "Big Boys" In Day Trading

It's time you start recession-proofing yourself and making sure you can bring in money regardless of how bad the "economic crisis" is.

See how profitable your trades can become once you harness the power of the strongest signal patterns. You'll go beyond the basics and learn exactly how to trade these incredible patterns with confidence the very next day!

The true power behind day trading is based on the understanding of which chart patterns are the most consistent, and how they work. Then instantly dominate these chart signals by taking profitable trading decisions and managing risks like the professional traders do!

So if you have any interest in joining this elite group of profit-pulling point rankers, then you really need to GET YOUR SYSTEM RIGHT NOW!

You Will Learn:

How to spot turns and pivots with uncanny accuracy.

How to trade using intraday chart patterns by using the signals that are not available on daily charts.

How to uncover "hidden" support and resistance levels using carefully deconstructed intraday candle chart patterns with the added tricks of simple 2 moving averages and volume.

How to trade using top breakout and breakdown patterns to help you spot the highest-probability trading entry and exits points.

You end up with a trading methodology that gives you...

Low risk

High probability of success

No confusion

No conflicting indicators

No more guesswork

No more missed opportunities

What You'll Discover

How to take the "gamble" and stress out of trading stocks. A complete walkthrough unravelling the most volatile charts in the market and how it works.

How to quickly spot early reversals and pivots — you'll put the stunning power of day patterns plays for accurate entries and exits to work for you, like the top 1% professionals!

Easy-to-use short/micro term trading strategies that can be used by both new and experienced traders. By combining the latest technical methodologies with different time frames as your system component to bbtain stunning results.

How to sort through charts to pick out the very strongest day trading patterns. These strategies can immediately save you time each week and help you save your trading capital for the best trade patterns in the market when they emerge especially when the market become volatile to your favor.

Step-by-step strategies you can use to potentially make huge, lasting improvements results to your trading skills. The mind blowing tips and tricks are guaranteed to change your trading history from being flopped to top.

Secrets to selectively trading charts that other traders fail to spot in time. And how to confirm entries using easy-to-find market signals (signals that many traders completely overlook, but you'll catch every time).


Thanks, Ash, your set ups are amazing, clear, patient and makes things very easy to understand truly master!

J. David, California

Your ideas have opened a magical window for me in the world of trading and you have my ultimate grateful thanks master, Ash

W. Kamal, Canada

I have been trading since 5 yrs ago, but I wouldn’t consider myself having a high success ratio. After being introduced to your Point Ranker Charts system and going through the course, I’ve gained a lot of confidence, in terms of how to choose, manage risk, and recognize the stocks that move. My success ratio has increased significantly thanks to you.

Mike Lancer (Professional Trader)


A Trading Formula You Can Bank On

How to use Yahoo finance numbers in the pre market to play Aggressive v.s. Conservative payouts!

Highly guarded charts secrets... giving you inside advantage over other traders.

How to avoid market traps and profit!

Analyzing the pre-market for to stay ahead!

Hacking the secrets of the BANDS (A, C, B). This one Ultimately The Holy Grail Formula!

Learn volatility points secrets on your charts for incredible results!

How to gauge the over all market using Yahoo & the Bands!

How you can make fast money when stocks drop the right way!

Why you should avoid Level 2 boxes and focus on time and sale!

The secret weapon of moving averages for milking the trends!

How to set up your laptop monitor to trade with precision!

How to detect institutional VS online traders for big profits!

How to take profits from the market before 10 AM!

When to nail and when to fail reversals and pivots within ranges.

How to read players action with the trick of the bands!

Secrets of wide ranges and how to profit from them correctly!

How to use 52WH/52WL charts trade setups for Tsunami Profits!

Ninja-concepts to buying and selling tactics.

How to develop a traders mindset trading successfully with mastery!

How to master Intraday Secret-Fibo Bounces 38/50

The ‘Hush-Hush’ trading hours to afflict the biggest piles of profits!

Trading the first hour and half trading with mastery)

How to Identify Macro/Micro and avoid the wiggles!

Intraday trading patterns and ranges you must know to succeed!

Become A Trading Expert Overnight

You will be unlocking any chart for any market (NOT just The stock market), at any time frame - PERIOD! Including 52WH/52WL for pulling in major profits!


Ash, your entire Ninja Stock Trading System was exceptional in explaining how the "trading" made for successful trades.

J. Marcusioni, Italy

I couldn't have asked for a better combo in trading. With today's markets you can't wait for slow indicators to confirm your trade before you put it on.

Meleni .M, USA

Ash, I have spent a lots of money researching and trading the best techniques for the Stocks. After taking your course, you have, the best short term entry system.

Wong D., Hong Kong

These Trading Strategies Are Priceless

You will have a source of income that can never be taken away from you.

The goal of this video training series is to provide you with a solid resource to help you gain top-quality day trading skills that you'll use for years to come and to become totally independent from paid or free Services like Talking Heads, CNBC, BNN, ETC - you name it!

It’s very easy to understand system, packed into one dynamite package of tactics, strategies and secret tips — and now you've got the perfect Golden Opportunity for you to watch and master them, You will Instantly start seeing results like never seen before!

You can’t predict the future.

You can only develop trade set-ups that give you the highest percentage of probability and that’s what this video course offers.

These are the exact same methods that I use everyday.

You have everything to gain with the use of these bulletproof strategies. Each one designed and tested to return maximum daily profits.

These tactics form the corner stone of every sound trading strategy and, once mastered, traders will rarely find themselves on the wrong side of the trend.

Learn the Secrets to Day Trading Now

WAIT! Your Day Trading Bonus

Along with my exclusive Day Trading videos is my in-depth PDF ebook that will take you a total beginner to a trading professional.

Just look at some of the powerful topics:

Trade stocks in the $30-$200 price range

Trade only when the index and your chart both in a wide range day open

How to scan for volatile stocks for everyday play

Match your index /stock charts patterns for more strength and confirmation.

Ranges from yesterday on any 2Day charts should be 2+ points

Don't trade in the middle of the band C (market maker traps)

When to be aggressive or conservative

Plus 19 other money-making principles.

"Guarantee - 100% Unconditional 60 Days
Money Back Guarantee"

Your credit card statement will show a charge from Clk*Bank.com.

For Inquiry : stocktradingwizard@yahoo.com

Trade with confidence,

Master Trader and Day Trading Code Pioneer

P.S. You could try to learn this by trial and error on your own, but I assure you that it will be a MUCH more costly "education" than the one I'm offering you today. It has cost me years of frustration, bad trades, and huge financial losses before I figured out the "secret" system.

I've watched too many smart, yet "uneducated", people lose their shirts in the stock market, and I don't want to see that happen to you. PLEASE... if you're going to invest your money anywhere, get my video course so you can avoid the pain.

I'll show you how to trade the low-risk, profitable way that will bring you profits regardless of whether the stock market is going up or down :-).

P.P.S. Remember to send me your personal "success story" once you start seeing the results of my special trading forces system in your own trades!

P.P.P.S. Look, I don't know of anyone or any company out there willing to show you how to do what I do in REAL-TIME. I'm not talking about teaching you just stuff I've done and how it's done 6 months ago or a few years ago. You want to know what's going on NOW. You want to know HOW it's done RIGHT NOW.

And most importantly, you want to see that it WORKS. Not just for pros, but for newbies and anyone who has a computer.

You have to act fast though because I truly am not keeping this open to too many people. If you're unhappy with my training program, you can get a full refund. I'm not some shark that's going to keep your money if you're unsatisfied. What kind of name and reputation would I build for myself? This is my REAL name, my REAL face!


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